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There are three ways to use the KRC Thermal Model:

  • Through the KRC Davinci Interface
  • Using the KRC Web Tool
  • Using KRC directly using the FORTRAN and C based input files.

The KRC Davinci Interface is a sufficient and comprehensive method for using KRC. This is the recommended method to use KRC. However, the other methods are available for use as well. This page details the basic premise and reason for using KRC through all various methods.


KRC Through the Davinci Interface (recommended)

Basic Description

NOTE: Throughout this wiki page, the KRC Davinci Interface will be referred to as Davinci, and using KRC directly by creating or editing input files will be referred to as KRC.

The KRC Davinci Interface is the best platform for any KRC user. To use the KRC Davinci Interface, you can follow download instructions on the KRC Download Page.

Do not worry if you do not have Davinci or know what it is, the directions on the Download page will explain how to obtain everything you need to use KRC. However, to learn more about Davinci, visit the DavinciWiki.

Once both Davinci and KRC have been downloaded, you will begin to use the model.

The KRC Davinci Interface functions by accepting values for certain input parameters from the user. There are dozens of possible parameters, and the user can choose as many or as few as they desire. KRC uses the values assigned to these input parameters as variables in mathematical equations to produce outputs such as surface temperature, atmospheric temperature or thermal inertia.

How to know you have the latest version

If you already have KRC or Davinci, but do not know if you have the latest version, you can learn how to check which version you have here.

KRC on the Web

To use the KRC Web Tool, simply click on the KRC Web Tool link on the Main page of the KRC Wiki.
This KRC method is useful if you are a casual KRC user, and do not want to download, learn or use Davinci (even though the Davinci Interface is still the most recommended method to use KRC).

Using KRC directly

This method is by far the most complicated and difficult method to use KRC. Creating your own input files, or editing the master input file requires a deep knowledge of FORTRAN format, the KRC model, and the physical conditions on Mars that actually exists (because changing an input parameter does not mean that input is physically plausible on Mars).

Not Sure Which to Use?

  • Using the KRC Davinci Interface: You want to study the conditions on Mars and develop a model for the surface based on times of year (recommended).
  • Using the KRC Web Tool: You are using KRC as a one-time experiment and do not need the full capabilities of KRC.
  • Using the KRC Model directly by creating input files: You are an advanced KRC user, understand all aspects of the model, and do not require the graphing capabilities associated with Davinci.
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