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KRC is a numerical thermal model used to determine the surface temperature of bodies in the Solar System. A numerical model takes input parameters to generate a virtual environment based on the conditions specified by the user. Once the environment is established, the model is able to extrapolate the most plausible values for certain variables that were excluded from the initial conditions. KRC, in particular, is a thermal model, therefore it deals with temperature and related quantities. Every variable KRC uses in its calculations can be an input parameter from the user. For example, if I know the latitude, longitude, albedo, opacity, and elevation of a location the KRC model will be able to tell extrapolate the surface temperature. This allows users extensive control over the model, generating a wide range of conditions to suit any desired environment.

K stands for κ (kappa), the variable for conductivity
R stands for ρ (rho), the variable for density
C stands for cp, the variable for specific heat

These three variables are used in the equation for thermal inertia:

Thermal Inertia.png

For a deeper understanding of thermodynamics and how it is used in remote sensing and physics, please visit the Thermodynamics Wikipedia page

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