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Q: How do I know if I can trust the results?

A: It is important to understand both the KRC model, and the basic surface properties of Mars in order to avoid declaring contradicting parameters, or attempting to create model that could not physically exist.

Q: Davinci wont Download

A: Visit the DavinciWiki page which is the main source for all questions regarding the davinci interface software

Q: I can't download KRC

A: Try downloading KRC v3.4.4 here

Q: How important is the casing (i.e. use of capital letters) in parameters?

A: Very important. Use casing exactly as it is indicated throughout this wiki.

Q: Is the Davinci KRC Interface really the best method to use?

A: Yes. It really is.

Known Issues

Diurnal CO2 condensation and defrosting often leads to rather small instabilities. Most often, these instabilities yield surface temperature oscillations of a fraction of a K.

But near the local time of first frost deposition and last frost removal, oscillations can reach 20+K, without clear consequences for temperatures calculated at other times.

dv> out=krc(lat=-30.,INERTIA=30.)
dv> plot(out.tsurf[,,],"I=30 SI")

Frosting Defrosting.png

Bottom Line:

- Stay away from frosted surfaces if you can;
- Reduce the seasonal and/or diurnal sampling resolution (doesn't solve the issue, but dissolves it);
- Identify the times (LT, Ls) when this issue is apparent and filter out these model results
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