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This page provides a Glossary for the coding Input Parameters used in Davinci and KRC

Basic Terms and Defintions

Now its time to learn the basic input variables used in KRC.

Thermal Inertia: the reluctance of a material to change temperature
Conductivity: how easily a material transports heat and energy through itself
Density: the amount of mass, or matter, contained within a specific volume
Specific Heat: The amount of energy required to raise the temperature of a material
Input parameters: values given by the user, used in calculations within the model
Opacity: the translucence of a material
Albedo: The brightness of a material
Emissivity: The energy given off by a material
Slope: angle of incline of a surface above or below horizontal
Azimuth: direction of slope as measured starting from north and moving through east
LS : The seasonal indicator. The Value used to distinguish the time of year. The time of year
Pressure: The force an object (liquid, solid or gas) places on another object.
Diurnal Temperature: Changes in temperatures that occur over the course of a day (i.e. daily temperatures).

Advanced Terms and Definitions

Single Layer Atmosphere: A thin, grey (meaning no wavelength dependence of any coefficients) atmosphere where, at any given time, the temperature is the same everywhere. Even though temperature can vary with time, the entire atmosphere varies together.
Two-Stream Delta-Eddington Model: Allows for two spectral regions in the atmosphere: solar and thermal
Solar Radiation: The energy reaching the surface from the sun itself
Thermal Energy: The energy reaching the surface from emission of the atmosphere.
Spin-Up: The time required for a model to run before it reaches statistical equilibrium.
Skin Depth: The depth to which diurnal or seasonal surface temperatures permeate into the surface.
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