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Diurnal CO2 Defrosting

Diurnal CO2 condensation and defrosting often leads to rather small instabilities. Most often, these instabilities yield surface temperature oscillations of a fraction of a K.

But near the local time of first frost deposition and last frost removal, oscillations can reach 20+K, without clear consequences for temperatures calculated at other times.

dv> out=krc(lat=-30.,INERTIA=30.)
dv> plot(out.tsurf[,,],"I=30 SI")

Frosting Defrosting.png

Bottom Line:

- Stay away from frosted surfaces if you can;
- Reduce the seasonal and/or diurnal sampling resolution (doesn't solve the issue, but dissolves it);
- Identify the times (LT, Ls) when this issue is apparent and filter out these model results

Issue with Mat1 and materials_krc()



crashes, but

dv> out=krc(lat=0.,Mat1="water_1")

does not crash but should not be allowed Issue with materials_krc()

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