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Adjusting KRC's atmospheric Parameters

Several of KRC's default atmospheric parameters might not be optimized for most users:

TAURAT: Ratio of thermal to visible opacity of dust
DUSTA: Single scattering albedo of dust
ARC2: Henyey-Greenstein asymmetry factor

KRC assumes broadband atmospheric opacities, but the default values are given a specific wavelengths.

1. VIS/9μm dust opacity ratio is ~2:1 (M. Smith personal communication);

2. 9μm to broadband TIR ratio is 2.5:1 (ratio of maximum and average values of the dust opacity spectrum from Bandfield and Smith, [2003], Figure 3);

Figure 3 from Bandfield and Smith (2003)


 TAURAT ≈ 0.22 (J. Bandfield personnal communication).

Values for DUSTA and ARC2 go together, and should not be changed without the other (see the table below). To stick with J. Bandfield’s values, a user can work with:

 DUSTA = 0.90
 ARC2 = 0.50

Other values are acceptable, except for “KRC Default” (see Table below)

Atm parameters.png



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